How to walk to lose weight – Useful Guide

how to walk to lose weight

How to walk to lose weight? The only guide you will ever need!

A lot of people that are experts in health or diet recommend us to walk to burn calories. So, how much do we need to walk every day to achieve our weight loss goals? Which is the right way we have to walk? In the following article we are going to discuss how to walk to lose weight in every detail.

Before jumping to the main section of this article, which is part of our health category, we are going to show you a great video. In the following video we will see some very useful secrets that are going to help us to walk to lose weight. Bob and Brad discuss the secrets to using walking as a form of exercise and weight loss. Please enjoy this video!

How much do we have to walk every day to lose weight?

I hope you enjoyed the previous video! Now we are going to see how long we must walk to lose weight.
The experts say that we must walk weekly for at least 150 minutes or 2,5 hours! So we can walk for 30-90 minutes daily. We do not have to walk for the same amount of time every day, but the best is to have walked 2,5 hours during the whole week.
The best speed for your walking is the moderate. You must use 60% to 70% of your stamina. A very good tip to find this limit is to breathe harder than you breathe usually but to have the ability to speak normally in full sentences. You can also find useful applications that have been built for this reason.
It is a very good tip to split your walking duration into periods of ten minutes, because doing so you burn more fat.

Instructions for new walkers

If you are new to walking and you are used to sitting life and very little activity, you must start your walk with shorter periods of time. On a daily basis you have to increase this period for a little amount of time in order to improve yourself and be better over time.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to burn calories and improve your metabolism. If you feel tired it is not so bad to give yourself a break, but you have to walk the next day. Do not be lazy!

Approximate distance of your walking

If you follow our instructions and walk for 30 minutes, you are going to have walked for 2,5km to 3,3km approximately.

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