How to walk in heels? The best tips

how to walk in heels

How to walk in heels? The only guide you will ever need!

In the following article we are going to discuss about how to walk in heels. We all know that this is a really popular topic in discussions between women. A lot of women believe that there is nothing as empowering as wearing high heels and walking on them. Unfortunately if you walk on them for much time you will feel pain and some women also lose their balance.

After extended discussions with trusted experts like high shoes models, model coaches or such fashion insiders we are going to give you the best tips about this topic!

Video guide about walking in heels

Like our other tips category articles we present you a super useful video on how to walk in heels. This first video includes hacks for beginners. Enjoy!

Test drive your high heels before the important day

Before wearing your heels on an important day (such a party or a wedding) you can try wearing them on supermarket! So you will not be anxious and you can test them without fear! This is a special tip from Camilla Morton.

You can prepare your soles

There is a popular way to prepare your soles. You can scratch the bottom of your soles with a sandpaper in order to create a little traction on surfaces like shine marble and other surfaces like that.

You have to walk properly

Famous model Ali Stephens suggest women to straighten and extend their leg when they take a step. If they do not walk like this they are going to look very uncoordinated, and their walking will seem extremely choppy.

Another excellent video

We are going to show you another excellent video on how to walk in heels. Whether you are walking in stiletto heels, boots, or standard high heel shoes. Fashion model Dey shows you how to walk on the runway with confidence.

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