How to play spades – The best guide

how to play spades

Information and tutorial on how to play spades

Ladies and gentlemen let’s say a few words before the tutorial on how to play spades. The famous game Spades was first created in the United States in 1930. This is a very popular card game in USA.

For a lot of years this game was not famous in other countries. Few exceptions were places where American troops were stationed, such as a few regions in Germany.

But after 1990 because everyone has easier access to the internet it became popular worldwide. We can find it in many online card rooms on the web. We also have to refer that the introduction of online play and tournaments has also made the game to follow some new standards about the rules and as a result of this we revised our article so that the main description follows these rules.

When we will finish our main description, we are going to show you a few other variations that are still common in face to face spade games.
You also have to know that spades is a plain-trick card game that spades are always trumps. The most popular game type is partnership game by four players, but there are also other versions for three, two and six players.

Video about the game

In this tutorial, as our other tutorials in our games category, we are going to show you a very nice and detailed video explaining how to play spades. This video is about 4 player game and is suitable for beginners.

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