How to play skip bo – Instructions & Video

how to play skip bo

How to play skip bo – Instructions including video

In this article you are going to learn how to play skip bo, a very exciting card game!

Main Objective: You have to be the first player to play each game card in your Stock
pile, by playing all the game cards in numerical order from 1 to 12.

The game was created for 2 to 6 people that are seven years old or more.

If you want to learn how to play skip bo please keep reading and watch the video if you are a visual guy!

So, take a look at the following video. Almost every article in the games category contains a video tutorial.

Information and instructions

First of all, the manufacturer of this card game is International Games/Mattel.

Contents of package: The package of this card game contains 144 numbered cards and 18 Skip Bo cards. So we have totally 162 game cards.

How to start playing

Shuffle the cards deck. Every person draws a card.
The player with the highest number on the card is the dealer of the game. The dealer
deals 30 cards to every person if there are 2 to 4 persons in the game.
In games that have 5 to 6 players, every person is dealt 20 game cards.
These cards are dealt face down and form every person’s Stock pile. When all Stock piles
have been dealt, every person flips the top card of his Stock pile right side up and places
it on top of the pile. The other cards are placed face down on the table to
form the draw pile.

About the playing area of the game

Each player will need some room for 4 Discard piles near his Stock pile.

Moreover, he is going to need room for 4 Building piles in the center of the table near of the draw pile. Of course, these piles are formed during the game duration, so you have to leave some space
for them.

About the piles

Stock Pile: The top card has to be face up. Every person in the game has a Stock pile.

Draw Pile: Draw pile is the pile that is in the center of the game area that you created it with all game cards
remaining when Stock piles are dealt.

Building Piles: Building piles are where the persons in the game build the 1-12 sequences and can
be started only with a 1 or a Skip Bo (Skip Bo cards are wild, so it would represent a 1 if
it started a sequence). When a pile has the complete 1-12 sequence, you have to remove it from the
game area and begin a new building pile.

Discard Pile: Every person in the game may form sequences an any of his 4 discard piles. There is
not a limit in the number of game cards in the pile and also there is not a restriction on the order. The top
card of your discard piles is available for forming sequences (you can also play this card).

Skip Bo main gameplay

The game starts to the left of the dealer. Draw 5 cards at the start
of your 1st turn (and back up to 5 on subsequent turns). You can use a Skip Bo card or an 1 to start one of the 4 building piles in the center of the game area. You
can continue to play cards from your hand onto the building area (only 1-12 in sequence). We have to notice that if you play all 5 game cards in this manner, draw back up to 5 (you can repeat the proccess if you need it).

You can also play the top card from your Stock pile onto a building
piles, and can resume to play from the Stock pile as long as the playing is legal. You are the winner by running out of your Stock pile, so play from there when you are able to. Your turn
ends when you can not or refuse to make an action. Discard one card from your hand onto one
of your 4 discard piles. You are able to play the top card of any of your discard piles on any
turn after the 1st. The game continues clockwise.

How to win the game?

You have to choose a point total to play to (500 is a good number to begin with). The
winner of each round scores 25 points for winning the round and 5 additional game points
per card remaining in each other player’s Stock pile.

Further information

If you need further information and instructions on how to play Skip Bo, there is an article in Wikipedia that has a lot of useful information about this game.

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