How to play music in discord – Complete Guide

how to play music in discord

How to play music in discord? Everything you need to know

In the following article we of our technology category we are going to explain you how to play music in discord. Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform that was designed for creating communities.
First of all we have to explain you what is the MEE6.
MEE6 bot is a Discord role bot which allows users to self assign roles using discord reactions. This interesting role generator is going to update permissions for users in discord automatically.

Video tutorial: How to get a music bot

In the following video we are going to show you how to install a music bot for a discord server fast, easy and free! Enjoy!

Step by step tutorial

This the step by step guide on how to play music in discord server with the MEE6 bot.

      1. Firstly, enter to
      2. Then, you have to log in with your personal discord account
      3. Important: you must authorize the MEE6 bot to access your personal account
      4. Choose the discord server that you would like to add the MEE6 bot
      5. After that click on plugins and then click on music
      6. Normally this function had to be enabled by default. If it was disabled for some reason please click add
      7. Next, in your discord server you have to join a voice channel
      8. Then you must type !join in your text channel
      9. Finally type !search and then type the artist name or the song title
      10. You will see that MEE6 will return a list of results
      11. So type the number of the song to add it to the playlist
      12. The last step is to type !play to start playing the music

Video: Another quick guide

In the following video we present you the quickest video guide we have found on the web!

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