How to play baccarat – Complete tutorial

how to play baccarat

How to play baccarat – A few words about the game

In the following article we are going to learn how to play baccarat. Before going to the main section of our guide let’s say a few words about this game.
Baccarat is an extremely simple guessing card game that is very beginner friendly. The main objective is to find which hand has more points. There are two hands. The banker’s hand and the player’s hand. There are of course 9 numbers.
As we said before there is banker and his area. Depending the version of Baccarat there are seats for 14 players. Each of these players has his own betting area.
In this area he has three sections. One for the player, one for the banker and another one for tie.
The dealer stands at the centre of the table and he is the person that starts the game by dealing the cards. The reason that he is at the centre is to reach every player on the table.

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