How to get someone to like you

how to get someone to like you

A complete guide on how to get someone to like you

Well.. How to get someone to like you? Whether you want to get someone to like you as a friend or as a lover, there are a lot of actions you could do to achieve this. You must make a serious effort if you want to get someone to like you.

If you would like to achieve that, you can follow the guide in this article. When you finish reading this article, if you like it (I am sure you are going to love it), please take a look on other similar articles in our relations category.

Video explaining 7 Psychological Tricks To Get Someone To Like You

According to the following video there are some methods and simple techniques that if used on a daily basis can effectively increase your chances of getting someone to like you and want to be around you. These tips and techniques are good old science backed psychological tactics. Just watch the following video. We are sure that you are going to like it!

Steps you have to do

  1. The most important way to make a person like you is by showing that you have an interest in this person. If you do not showing interest, then why should they show interest in you? When you are showing interest in people, then you open a door for just a  friendship or maybe a romantic relationship, and of course you have to make it clear in which kind of relationship are you interested in.
  2. You must learn to make eye contact with the people you like while you are talking to them. This will help you to form a much better connection to them. Unfortunately, if you avoid eye contact, then you will seem like you are nervous and you want something to hide from them.
  3. It is extremely important to ask the people you want to like you about themselves. You can start off with something simple like asking about their weekend or plans for their next holidays. We all tend to talk about ourselves, but the right tactic is to talk about themselves.
  4. Everyone love to feel like they are special. So compliments can work very well when we you are trying to get someone to like you. It is true that if you compliment someone, you show that you like them. There is a pretty high possibility that they will begin to like you as well. However you must not over compliment someone.
  5. If you smile at the person you want to like you, this person might feel more comfortable as if you two are in good spirits.
  6. You must be a little bit mysterious. You do not have to reveal every small detail about yourself very early. If you do so, this is probably going to be overwhelming for the other person.
  7. Let the person you would like to like you to know that  can talk to you and also have your attention.
  8. It is very good, as we wrote in the previous step, to be courteous and generous to the person that we like, but do not do it so much, because you may seem desperate.
  9. You have to be honest, so they can trust you.
  10. Remember! It is attractive to be positive.
  11. You have to find your similarities with this person and talk about them.
  12. You must show that you have a sense of humour. Everyone likes people that have a sense of humour!
  13. Bonus Tip: Be friendly with their friends! This strategy works very well, so follow it!

How to get someone to like you in just 30 seconds!

When we were looking for information about our topic we found a really interest video that shows how to get someone to like you in just 30 seconds. You have to watch it!

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