How to eat a pomegranate – The best guide

how to eat a pomegranate

How to eat a pomegranate – Information about this fruit

Before showing you how to eat a pomegranate, we have to share with you some information about it.
First of all, pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub.

It’s size can reach up to 30 feet and it can produce delicius fruits that are about 2–5 inches in diameter.

In this fruit you can find about 600 arils, or as other say, edible seeds, that can be enjoyed raw or can processed into a great juice.

It is a little bit difficult to remove the seeds, but if you know how to do it, you can accomplish it very easily.

The following article explains step by step the easiest way to remove pomegranate seeds and also it suggests yo how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Before jumping to the article, as always we do in, we are going to show you a super interesting video!

Video: The best way to open and eat a pomegrenate

In the following great video you are going to watch the best way to open and eat a pomegranate.

Openning a pomegranate with a spoon

A really popular way to open a pomegranate is using a spoon!
A lot of people use this method, because it is very easy. It involves using a wooden spoon to open a pomegranate.

First of all you have to cut the fruit in the half. After that, hold it above a bowl with the seed side facing down (towards the bowl).

Next, you have to hit the pomegranate skin with the back of the spoon until all the seeds have fallen in the bowl.

A useful tip is to fill the half bowl with water, because the seeds are going to sink to the bottom of the bowl but the pieces of the pith are going to float to the top.

This is a very easy way to separate the seeds.

Finally rinse and strain the seeds of the pomegranate to remove the unwanted pith remnants and the arils are ready to enjoy!

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