How to arrange a Google Hangout meeting

It is extremely easy to arrange a Google Hangout meeting in Google Calendar. It is as simple as creating an event and adding your guests in it. A video meeting hyperlink and dial number is added in the calendar event by inviting one or even more members to the event, or just clicking Add conferencing.

You have to know that the guests can forward the meeting hyperlink to other persons. If anyone tries to login who was not invited to the Google Hangout meeting, a meeting participant from your company has to accept their approval request. It is have to be said that meetings organized by a personal G-Account, only the hangout meeting creator can accept these participants.

If you need a video tutorial in how to arrange a Google Hangout meeting you can also watch the following video:

Steps in how to arrange a Google Hangout meeting

  1. You to Calendar and select “Create an event”
  2. Select the “Add Guests” option and fill the names or the emails of the persons you would like to invite.
  3. Then press “Save”
  4. Finally press “Send” to notify your guests with the invitation of Google Hangout meeting

How to arrange a Google Hangout meeting

Steps for Microsoft Outlook

In order to schedule a Google Hangout  meeting with Microsoft Outlook, go to the page Add Meet video meetings to Outlook and follow the instructions that Google provide us.

How to arrange a google hangout meeting from microsoft outlook

Another video about how to arrange a Google Hangout meeting

Some of our members sent us this video that explains very well the procedure of how to arrange a Google Hangout meeting. If you did not like the previous video, please watch the following video tutorial.

Extra details on how to arrange a Google Hangout meeting

Nowadays, it is very hard to find time for  a telephone call or a real-life meeting. We all have hectic schedules and because of this very often it is extremely easier to arrange a Google Hangout meeting.

In Google Hangouts you have the option to connect with one person or many and they offer you free audio and video calls to help you with your personal or your company’s meetings.

If you would like to arrange a Google hangout meeting, you have to create an event in your Google Calendar. When you finish creating an event in Google Calendar, you will be able to invite your guests, who are going to receive an email invitation about the Google Hangout meeting.

Here, like in every article in our technology section you can find complete tutorial on how to do technology stuff.

All the steps to schedule a Google Hangout meeting

Below you can see some steps.

  1. Login to your Google account on your Mac or on your PC and visit the official Google Calendar site.
  2. On the left section of the page, click the “Create” button in order to add a new event to your personal calendar.
  3. Type the details of your event, for example how you want the meeting to be named, the date and the time of the meeting etc.
  4. Now click the “Add location or conferencing” option and after that select “Add conferencing” to enable Hangouts.
  5. In the “Add guests” text area, type the email address or the contact name of the members you would like to invite to the Hangout.
  6. After you complete all the fields, press “Save” to schedule the Google Hangout and invite the members.

Finally, if you would like to invite more members to your Google Hangout after you finished setting up the hangout, you can do this by clicking on the event you created previously, in your Google Calendar and typing in there the email addresses of the new members in the “Guests” tab and then click “Save.” to save your new options.

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