How much to tip pizza delivery

how much to tip pizza delivery

Delivery boy tipping is not like leaving a tip for your server or in the hairdresser. Often it is difficult to calculate how much to tip pizza delivery or generally food delivery. Tipping etiquette depends of course on the situation, but actually some dollars go a long way, especially during the economy crisis our world has. We offer you an advice to make the transaction right for your next pizza delivery. We also believe that you must absolutely check this amazing pizza tip calculator!

Like all the other articles in the tips section, we are going to provide you with tips about the topic above.

Video about how much to tip pizza delivery

Before starting to analyse our thoughts about how much to tip pizza delivery, you can watch the following video in which a youtuber analysis his opinion.

Is it right to tip for food delivery?

You can absolutely tip pizza delivery boys if you would like to. We all know that pizza delivery drivers have a low salary. So these people are also depending on that little extra cash.
A famous lifestyle and etiquette expert named Elaine Swann advise as to pay a $3 to $5 tip when the delivery boy arrives to our house. As she says: “Three to five dollars is enough money to tip. It does not necessarily need to be a percentage amount of the pizza order you made”. So, it is not similar to calculating a tip for your restaurant server. How much to tip for pizza delivery is more of a somewhat standard fee. Of course there are some cases that you want to tip a little more as Swann says, for example if you liked the service provided by the pizza boy or if you like very much the restaurant from which you bought pizza.

Another tipping method to calculate the right amount

In the following section you are going to find all of the pizza tipping knowledge you will ever need, from recommendations and factors to consider the reason you should always give the pizza delivery boy the right tip.

  • We recommend a tip of 15%.
  • Some people say that 10% is for mediocre service.
  • Other people claim that 20%+ is for amazing service.
  • We all agree that $100+ orders must at least tip 10%.
  • Finally, under $20 orders have to be tipped with $3 at least.

Finally something funny about pizza delivery

While we where looking for information about how much to tip pizza delivery, we found an amazing video with a guy that tipped a car to the pizza delivery driver. Please watch the following video. It is worth your time!

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